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Founded by Ittai Hen, a certified technical writer and instructor, write IT left aims to meet modern translation and writing requirements, for technical communication and training.

With over 25 years of experience in operation and instruction of various military and defence systems - including telechom, automative, and mechanical systems - under military and civilan frameworks, Ittai is now responsible for the execution of localization, translation, technical writing, and instructional design projects, for industry leading companies. 

Using cutting-edge translation memory and terminology technologies, he guarantees coherence and accurate translations, as well as cost-effective prices.

Embarking a translation career in 2005, working in-house for translation agencies, he gained a wide experience translating and proofreading of different types of technical documentation, for numerous clients.

Certified as a technical writer by 2009 from In Other WORDS LTD., Ittai was offered to join OK-ID, an innovative instructional design company, working closely with technical development teams of large scale projects, for advanced, integrated systems.

Joined Shekel Scales Ltd. by 2012, establishing its Technical Communication department from scratch, his job constantly involved various projects of training and technical communication; all, while also maintaining corporate’s translations and language resources management.

Ittai holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Haifa, and a Hebrew copyediting diploma from the University of Haifa.