English to Hebrew Technical Translations

Qualified as infantry instructor by 1994 from the Israel Defense Forces, I hold over 25 years of experience in operation and instruction of various military and defense systems - including telecom, automotive, and mechanical systems.

I led instructional design and training projects for wide range of automotive and mechanical systems, navigation systems, command & control systems, producing elaborated guides and tutorials, under military and civilian frameworks.
Certified as English technical writer by 2009 from In Other WORDS LTD., I was offered to join innovative Homeland Security (HLS) companies, working closely with technical development teams of large-scale projects, for advanced, integrated systems. Embarking as a freelance by 2014, I have been working for industry-leading companies worldwide. 

My experience working in large size projects involved .

In my free time, I am a qualified  translator member by Translators without Borders (TWB), translating "pro-bono" to support humanitarian and development agencies on a global scale; also, perform low-budget English to Hebrew translations of academic studies, for higher education students.